For genealogists

They exist in every country: unclaimed assets deriving from inheritances, buyout procedures minority stock, bankruptcies, dormant accounts, insurance policies  and war funds.  Often these funds are being held by the government, waiting to be claimed by the rightful beneficiary.  If they are not claimed within a certain amount of time,  the funds will fall to the State and the beneficiary loses the possibility of exercising his rights towards these assets.

Genealogical research

Once it is established that the decedent did not leave behind a spouse and children abroad and passed away without having disposed of his inheritance by means of a last will, the search for heirs according to local law begins. Should that journey lead you to the Netherlands, then we can certainly be of help to you. We can obtain information regarding the parents to establish the (non-)existence of any siblings. In case of a predeceased sibling, we will look for descendants, whereas we will be looking for heirs in the eventuality of a later demise.

Catchment area

Research within the Netherlands is carried out by ourselves, which includes the visiting of archives throughout the country. The scope of what we can offer you does not end here, however. Should the trail lead us abroad, then we will continue our research there, in collaboration with our trusted partners. Even if the research takes us to what we characterize to be the 'complex' countries, such as Portugal or Indonesia, we can offer you our unabated assistance.


We conduct research on an hourly rate basis. This hourly rate is determined on the basis of different variables, such as the hourly rate of our colleague abroad, the availability of archives and the complexity of the research to be undertaken, which in turn is largely influenced by the quality of the information available to us beforehand. Apart from an hourly rate, we also take on certain cases on a contingency basis, in which case we will receive our fee only if we successfully carry out our task. 'No cure, no pay', one might say.


Just like you, we respect the privacy of all persons involved in the investigation. In particular the heirs of course, which we are often asked to find in the Netherlands. If information is no longer needed for the investigation, it is archived by us and kept for five years, making it available for future reference within this time frame. After this period of time it is destroyed. We conform ourselves to the General Data and Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are licensed as a private investigator by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (POB 1403). Please refer to our privacy policy for more and specific information (in the process of being translated).


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