For civil law notaries is of particular use to the notariate in conducting probate research both within the Netherlands and across borders, even when foreign laws of succession apply. We pride ourselves in being able to find heirs in the Netherlands and elsewhere very efficiently. Among other things, foreign wills and where applicable prenuptial agreements are obtained and examined on their merits. At request, all documents are supplied legalized and bearing an apostille.

Probate research

Conducting probate research isn't always that easy. As a result of differences in terms of population administration and emigration waves over the past decades, next of kin of a decedent, more often than not widespread across the world, can prove to be difficult to locate. Years of experience and an extensive network have enabled us to efficiently conduct genealogical research producing evidence you can rely on that will withstand the test of criticism. We also act as a forensic expert and in that capacity have given testimony under oath before the New York's Surrogate's Court among other institutions.

Catchment area

By working with local researchers who are able to swiftly generate reliable results based on their experience with local legislation, we are in a position to guarantee quality of service. We collaborate with researchers all over the world; this in particular but not exlusively concerns countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, but we are also able to effectively conduct research in Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia. Moreover, we have certainly earned our stripes in countries we consider to be difficult to conduct research in, such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.


Our fees vary from case to case, among other things depending on the information available to us beforehand, the country in which research is to be undertaken, the deadline by which the results have to be presented to the client, the availability of the archives in said country and the (hourly) base rate our foreign agent charges. Additionally the costs of deeds, certificates and disbursements will be passed on to the client. Clients based in the Netherlands will be charged 21% VAT; the same applies to natural persons within the EU. Clients from outside of the EU will not be charged VAT.


Tracking down living persons requires keeping due discretion and confidentiality. Several sources are at our disposal for such research, some of which can only be accessed by someone that possesses a sufficient competence such as a family member or a legal professional, which is why we always ask our client to provide a power of attorney. We conduct research under license [for private investigative firms] allotted to us by the Ministry of Security and Justice (POB 1403), always conforming to the General Data Protection Regulsation (GDPR) implemented in the EU on May 25th 2018. Pursuant to article 13 section 1 of the 'Wet particuliere beveiligingsorganisaties en recherchebureaus (Wpbr)' [which law applies to security companies and private investigative firms] (former) employees of have an obligation to observe duty of confidentiality.


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